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Export Negadras General Trading aspires to build long-term business relationships with its international clients based on solid corporate ethics. The firm has gone a long way to becoming one of Ethiopia's most important exporters of pulses. Explore More Pulses
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Export Negadras General Trading works tirelessly to deliver Quality Ethiopian green mung beans to our esteemed international customers. Explore More Green Mung Beans

Welcome to Negadras General Trading

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Here at Negadras, the unrivaled quality of our products, together with the eligibility of our services, provides you with the credibility you demand. Negadras General Trading Company Plc is an Ethiopian export company. We focus primarily on the food and agricultural sectors, which are becoming increasingly important and complex as the world’s population grows.

We provide small and large farmers with input knowledge and risk management solutions that help them increase their output and profits. We purchase their crops and export them to different markets. Environmental safety and health concerns are carefully taken into account at every stage of our work. Therefore, don’t hesitate to contact us for a professional coordination to fulfill the demand if you’re seeking for a dependable provider of agricultural products like pulses, pinto beans, and light speckled kidney while managing every work in the process.

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